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$19.99 <br />
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Brand new for 2015, we've released the 2nd Edition of the popular wildlife guide! More pages, more photos and nearly three times as many species!<br />
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Now you can get more information about Yellowstone wildlife to help you plan and enjoy your trip. Created as a supplement to the popular Yellowstone Wildlife Map, the guide provides additional photos and information about all of Yellowstone's major animal species. For each species, the guide has photos, identification information, "hot spots" (including coordinates that correspond to the Wildlife Map) and best times to see the animals.<br />
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Features:<br />
Info on Over 90 Species!<br />
184 Color Photos<br />
Map Coordinates<br />
Location Names & Descriptions<br />
Wildlife Viewing Tips<br />
Favorite Hikes<br />
A Notes section<br />
<br />
The guide is printed on 64 full color 5.5" x 8.5" pages.